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Robert Greene: 'I felt like a child exposing what the parents are up to'

10 Best Quotes From "Mastery" By Robert Greene



Mastery synthesizes the years of research Robert Greene conducted while writing the international bestsellers The 48 Laws of Power, The 33 Strategies of War, and The Art of Seduction and demonstrates that the ultimate form of power is mastery itself. By analyzing the lives of such past masters as Charles Darwin, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, and Leonard da Vinci, as well as by interviewing nine contemporary masters, including tech guru Paul Graham and animal rights advocate Temple Grandin, Greene debunks our culture’s many myths about genius and distills the wisdom of the ages to reveal the secret to greatness. With this seminal text as a guide, readers will learn how to unlock the passion within and become masters.



  1. The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.

  2. Eventually, the time that was not spent on learning skills will catch up with you, and the fall will be painful.

  3. What is important when you are young is to train yourself to get by with little money and make the most of your youthful energy.

  4. The pain and boredom we experience in the initial stage of learning a skill toughens our minds.

  5. Read more books than those who have a formal education, developing this into a lifelong habit.

  6. The very desire to find shortcuts makes you eminently unsuited for any kind of mastery.

  7. Avoid the trap of following one set career path.

  8. The passive ironic attitude is not cool or romantic, but pathetic and destructive.

  9. No one is really going to help you or give you direction. In fact, the odds are against you.

  10. The time that leads to mastery is dependent on the intensity of our focus.